3 Ways to Protect Your Home This Hail Season

In Kansas City, it is not uncommon to see hail reaching diameters of up to two inches. This kind of hail is not only devastating to vehicles, which many Kansas City locals have experienced—but also to homes. The difference is that when hail damages your car, you notice right away. The dings and dents are an eyesore as you walk out to the drive hoping for the best after the storm passes. Your roof and other areas of your home, however, often go overlooked.

The truth is that thousands of homes across Kansas City were damaged by hail in the past few years. We have been working hard in your neighborhoods to replace damaged roofs, siding, windows and gutters. But here we are in 2019, and the new hail season is upon us. As we head into the spring months, we can count on seeing more of these hail storms.

So what can we as homeowners do in preparation for hail season? While we cannot control the weather, and hail often strikes without warning, there are some precautions that we can take that can make the difference between catastrophic damage to our homes, or small impact that can be easily remedied.


Trim the Trees

This might seem like an odd recommendation. Where does landscaping come into play with hail damage? It is not only hail stones that we need to be concerned about, but other objects, such as broken tree branches, that can break windows, dent siding, and damage shingles. When trees surrounding your home are trimmed back, there is less likely to be damage from broken branches during storms.


Clear the Gutters

This may seem like a simple step also, but small steps often make a big difference. During a hailstorm, it is likely that your gutters will quickly become clogged with hail stones. If your gutters are already full of leaves or other debris, this can make matters worse. With full gutters, water and hail are likely to accumulate on your roof, leading to leaks and moisture damage in your home. Keeping your gutters clear is a good way to avoid further roof damage during a hail storm.


Make Sure Your Roof Is Up To The Task

This final precaution is the most important one when it comes to preparing your home for the hail season. Having your roof properly inspected, especially following the winter season when heavy snow and ice can cause damage, is the best way to ensure that your home will weather the hail storms well. That is because a professional inspection will reveal if there are any weak spots in your roofing system. However, this is about more than just the health of your roof. This step is actually a way to protect your entire home. That is because when your roof is compromised, your whole home is susceptible to damage during storms. Broken shingles, leaks, and damaged vents or other roof accessories open your home up to moisture damage, which is not only costly, but dangerous.


We encourage you to not shy away from or wait on having your roof inspected because of the cost of a roof replacement. A good contractor will be trained to work with your insurance, and will do their diligence in making sure you receive any compensation that you may be due. Whatever the case, if insurance becomes involved or not, a good contractor will also have options and be willing to work with you and your budget to make sure your roof is ready for the upcoming storms. Don’t risk heading into this storm season with a vulnerable roof. Take the first step in protecting your home by having a roof inspection performed this week.