6 (Big) Problems That Look Like Roof Leaks – Part 2


In part 1 of this post, we covered two possible problems that could be causing a suspected roof leak. One of those problems can be quite dangerous, so make sure you read that post first.

Today, we want to hit on four additional problems that we see quite often, which could be the answer to a mysterious roof leak in your home.


Read about the first 2 possible problems, here.


3. Damaged Siding

As with windows, which we talked about in the previous post, siding can leak for the same reasons. Siding that is leaking due to lack of maintenance, because it is rotten, or installed improperly, can certainly cause leaks that appear as you may expect a roof leak to. Depending on your home’s construction, water from a leak can travel a very long way before making its unwelcome appearance. This is why it is important to work with a contractor who specializes in more than one area, so that you’re not left without answers should your roof appear fine. But rather they can further inspect your siding and windows.


4. Chimney Caps or Chase Cover Issues

Your chimney caps are most often metal and cover the top of the flue pipe. The chase cover is a metal or cement cap that covers the entire top of the chimney structure, the flue pipe usually comes through the chase cover before it vents. If your chimney cap comes off or is damaged, this can be an inexpensive and easy fix. However, a missing or damaged chase cover is a more complicated problem, as they are generally custom made for each chimney.

Common fixes for a chase cover besides replacement of the chase cover are to seal the joints, and make sure it is secured properly. A concrete sealer can be applied to extend the life of a cement chase cover, and a roll on silicone coating can extend the life of a rusty metal cover, however these fixes can be temporary and replacement is the best way to ensure the problem is taken care of for the long haul.


5. Plumbing Vent

A truly baffling “roof leak” that we ended up discovering for one client was a disconnected plumbing vent in the attic. The problem was only discovered after nearly two feet of insulation in the attic was moved aside to view the damaged drywall ceiling, only to discover the disconnected pipe. The fix was simple enough as the pipe was properly glued back together, and sloped to allow for drainage. We were also able to replace the damaged insulation and perform a drywall repair.


6. Debris On The Roof or Gutter

Leaves, sticks, ice dams and other debris are certainly a common enough problem in the Kansas City area, however sometimes the damage caused is devastating. When water is backed up, it can flow into places that the slope of the roof was never meant to allow this water, and a simple inspection and roof cleaning can easily keep this problem at bay.

The best way to prevent any of these damaging and potentially dangerous issues is to hire a professional with experience in protecting the entire home. You will save yourself time, energy, and from much headache by working with someone who will take the time to look at your roof, but also every other system mentioned here to check for problems, as well as perform the necessary repairs, or recommend next steps.