Many people choose to live in historic homes because of their beauty. If you’re the owner of a historic home, you might be concerned about water damage and rot to your roof. There are common causes of roof damage to older homes that may significantly affect your roof—it might be damage that is unrepairable.

At Volta Roofing, we know that maintaining a historical roof is important, and you want to preserve as much of it as you can. As a leading Parkville roofing company, we suggest scheduling routine roof inspections to ensure your roof is in the best possible condition.

If you notice damage to your roof, it could take months to repair or replace it. Your first step would be to apply a temporary patch to the roof. Call a roofing company in Parkville to install a patch. This will keep your roof from leaking and protect the inside of your home.

Do not try and patch the leak yourself! Damage caused to a historical home can be very significant.

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Here are some other tips from a residential roofer in Parkville on replacing your historic roof:

Research the History of Your Roof

A roof repair company in Parkville can tell you that a roof restoration or replacement project requires a lot of research. This is even more true if you have a historic home. To find out more about the history of your home’s roof, you should:

  • Review old historical documents
  • Make copies of any information you find, and document it
  • Consult historical organizations before repairing or replacing your roof

Know What Type of Roof Your Historical Home Has

Before replacing your historical roofs, you should know what type of roof it is. Roofs made pre-revolution were made using different materials than roofs made in the 20th century. There are plenty of helpful charts with information on a roof’s time period, location, style, architectural features, and the material that was likely used.

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Be Knowledgeable About the Materials Your Roof is Made Of

Knowing what your roof is made of is just as important as knowing when your roof was constructed. Building techniques for roofs have evolved over time. So, it’s important to know what your roof is made of so you know what material you will need for repairs and replacements.

Learn About the Substitute Materials You Can Use to Replace Your Historic Roof

Some roofing materials used on historic homes may not be available anymore. So, it’s important to find suitable materials to replace it. A roofing company in Parkville is knowledgeable about what can and cannot be used on a historic home’s roof. Ask them what materials they suggest.

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