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Winter in Gladstone can be cold, icy, and snowy. This cold weather can cause numerous problems to a person’s home and roof. According to a Gladstone roofing company, you should try to take all the proper precautions to protect your home from the harsh weather. However, you should still be prepared when cold weather issues arrive.

At Volta Roofing, a trusted residential roofer in Gladstone, we want to help you be prepared for any issues your home might face this winter. It’s important to know the potential threats your roof can face so you know when to seek help from a Gladstone roofing contractor. Common cold weather issues homeowners face in Gladstone include:

  • Flooding
  • Roof damage from debris
  • Heating system problems
  • Frozen pipes
  • Ice dams


Flooding and Leaks

According to a trusted Gladstone roofing company, one of the biggest issues homeowners face in the winter is flooding and leaks. This is caused by the melting snow and ice. The melted water on the ground can seep into your home’s foundation and basement, causing flooding and structural damage.

The excess water on your roof can seep into your shingles and cause leaks. Clogged gutters and downspouts can also lead to home damage.

Gladstone Roofing Company

Roof Damage from Debris

According to a roofing company in Gladstone, damage from roof debris is common in the winter. This is especially true after ice storms when frozen branches can snap off tress. Snowstorms with heavy winds can also cause excess snow to pile up on your roof. If the weight of the snow becomes too heavy, your roof can collapse.

Heating System Problems

While this doesn’t necessarily directly affect your roof, heating system problems can cause damage down the line. According to an expert in residential roof repair in Gladstone, issues with your home’s heating system could lead to ventilation issues. If your home is not adequately ventilated, you can have mold and bacterial growth problems. You could also cause issues with your home’s foundation.

Gladstone Roofing Company

Frozen Pipes

If your pipes freeze and burst, it could damage your entire house. Your home will quickly flood, and the moisture can seep into your walls and floors and cause structural damage. This also leads to an increased likelihood of mold growth. You should ensure that your home’s pipes are adequately insulated during the cold months.


Ice Dams

According to an expert on roof repair in Gladstone, an ice dam is when snow or ice melts and refreezes. A ridge of ice will form on the edge of your roof, which prevents the remainder of the snow from melting. The ice dam can become heavy and cause your roof to crack and sag. It could potentially cause your roof to collapse.Gladstone Roofing Company

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