“Do I need a new roof?” – Five Main Causes of Roof Damage
“Do I need a new roof?” – Five Main Causes of Roof Damage

IMG_6550-002 It’s out of sight and out of mind. Although you see it every single time you pull your car into the driveway, it’s in the back of your mind. That is, until you begin noticing discoloring on your ceiling, or worse, drops of rain hitting your carpet. Or perhaps there has been a growing colony of moss slowly creeping across your shingles, or a few shingles have fallen off your roof.

Whether there are obvious signs, or your roof is just showing mild signs of age, now is the time to check up on your roof and see if it’s time for repairs, or even to replace your roof.

Don’t wait for a hail storm to check for damage. Although hail is the main concern for the health of your roof here in the Kansas City area, other factors can come into play resulting in a need to repair or replace a roof.


What are the five main causes of roof damage?

Poor Maintenance

A roof does not require too much regular care, but it does need to be checked from time to time. When small damage gets overlooked, it can add up into larger damage requiring immediate and extensive repairs. Do your roof and your checkbook a favor by checking your roof regularly, or having it looked over by a qualified professional for free, and tending to small damage before it has a chance to worsen.


Wind Damage

Time and weather are a fierce team for your roof to defend itself again. The effects of strong winds over several years can loosen nails and expose your roof to further damage. Have your roof checked periodically to make sure your shingles are fastened securely and your roof is standing strong against the elements.


Hail Damage

The signs are everywhere. Just a drive through the Kansas City area will bring you passed auto shop after auto shop boasting signs for repairing hail damage. Hail is a very real concern in the Kansas City area, but not only for your vehicles. When hail makes its way to town, you are fortunate if you have a garage to shelter your cars in, and a home to shelter you and your family in. However, your roof is taking the brunt of the force, and anytime hail strikes your home, you need to check for possible damage.


Sun and Heat Damage – Blisters

Blisters are bubble-like raised areas on a roof that are often caused by trapped gas. The gas is usually caused by water vapor. The extreme heat of Kansas City summers can cause this water vapor to expand, creating a blister in your roof.


Roof flashing issues

If you experience a leak in our roof, it may be caused by an issue with your roof flashing. The job of roof flashing is to create a water-tight boundary between the roofing materials that make up your roof. When there is a problem with your flashing, water can creep through small cracks and into your home.