Best Roof Repair In The Northland

According to an expert in roof repair in the Northland, your roof is composed of several interconnected parts, one of which is the flashing. While, unlike the name suggests, this piece isn’t flashy, it is vital to your roof’s integrity.

At Volta Roofing, we take pride in being a leader in residential roof repair in the Northland and want to help keep your roof in its best shape. A key to this is keeping your flashing in excellent condition to prevent severe damage.


What Exactly Is Your Roof’s Flashing?

According to a trusted roofing company in the Northland, roof flashing is a piece of thin metal that is used to bridge connections between the materials of your roof. Flashing is often found around chimneys and roof projections. Instead of metal, some roofing contractors use plastic curbs, rubber boots, and caulk.

Not all flashing is completely waterproof. According to a leading Northland roofing company, flashing made of aluminum, copper, or zinc is considered waterproof and is the most effective at keeping water out of your home.

Best Roof Repair In The Northland

What Does Your Roof’s Flashing Do?

According to a trusted residential roofer in the Northland, flashing is used to cover gaps between different roofing materials, like masonry and wood, for example. Flashing is commonly used around chimneys because of how the stone or concrete of a chimney expands at a different rate than wood. Flashing is also used in the valleys of your roof, where two angled roofing planes meet. The primary task of flashing is to keep water outside of your home.


Tips for Inspecting and Replacing Your Roof’s Flashing

During a total roof replacement, a leading residential and commercial roofing company in the Northland will remove any old flashing and replace it with new metal in the valleys of your roof and around projections. A trusted roofer can assess your roof’s flashing during an inspection. It’s vital to have your roof inspected annually so that you can be cautious of any damaged flashing, shingles, caulk, and other roofing materials.


How Often Does Your Roof’s Flashing Need to be Replaced?

You should have your roof’s flashing inspected at least twice a year. On average, your flashing should be replaced every few years.

Best Roof Repair In The Northland

We pride ourselves on being a leader of roof repair in the Northland, and we pride ourselves on being a Kansas City area roofing company that can answer any roofing questions you might have.

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