Hail Proof Roof in Kansas City
Hail Proof Roof in Kansas City

hail proof roof kansas city

Hail Proof Roof in Kansas City


Here in Kansas City, it is not a question of if hail will hit, it’s a matter of when. In our previous article, What Size Hail Will Damage A Roof?, we explained the extent of damage that hail can cause to Kansas City homes and roofs. When we consider those hail stone measurements and subsequent damage, while looking at our Kansas City Hail Map, it is safe to say that homes across Kansas City have, unfortunately, suffered considerable damage over the past ten years.

While we specialize in hail work, and have had the privilege of working with thousands of our Kansas City neighbors to repair and replace their roofs, always in the back of our minds is the question of whether this kind of damage can be prevented. With our new hail proof roofing systems, this idea has become a reality right here in Kansas City! This new roofing system comes with a 5-year hail proof replacement warranty from the manufacturer, which supersedes your homeowners insurance policy.

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or realty investor, it’s important to consider the longevity of your roof. Homes cannot sell with a compromised roofing system. They often need to have their roof replaced much sooner than anticipated due to the extreme hail and wind here in Kansas City. When you are investing in a home or rental property, it can pay off quite a lot in the long haul to consider a hail proof roof. 

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How Hail Damages Roofs


It is quite common to see hail over one and a half inches, and sometimes up to two inches in diameter. This size of hail causes devastation to asphalt roofs, removing granules and cracking shingles. Although a metal roof can take the impact with less devastating effects, unsightly dents are often left in the aftermath, reducing a home’s curb appeal and resell value. Clay and tile, although durable and impressive against high winds, are not as forgiving against the strike of significant hailstones and can crack.

When a storm rolls in, hail does not only damage the shingles or roofing materials, it also pays a hefty toll on the roof accents such as valleys and other metal details, as well as roof vents and pipes. Although some roofing materials fare better than others under the impact of hail, they can each only take so much.


Hail Proof Roof Material


The materials used in the new hail proof roofing systems are designed specifically to withstand the hailstorms here in Kansas City. If you are fixing up your forever home, settling into a house for a while, with plans to sell and upgrade in the future, or investing in Kansas City realty, a roof designed specifically for Kansas City weather is the best option available. We are thankful for new technology that has bridged a gap to meet the needs of home and property owners here in KC, and we’re excited to be installing these efficient, big-picture hail proof roofs on properties across the greater Kansas City metro area.


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