We are heading into summer, and spring is almost behind us already! The best roofing company in the Northland is here to give you a bit of a warning, your roof will be pretty toasty. Let’s say you go outside on a 95-degree day in the Northland. Let’s gauge the results on just how hot your roof can get.

There’s Hot, and Then There is…. HOT! 

If you have ever been on a rooftop when it is warm or sunny, it can get pretty steamy up there. At Volta Roofing, we provide the best roof repair in the Northland, so our roofers have been on top of houses during all kinds of weather, especially hot summer days.

This may shock you, but did you know the hotter the roof, the more damage, and stress it can cause your home? The more heat, the harder your air conditioner works, which means your utility bills will climb.

Roof Threats from the Summer Heat 

Summer storms are one thing to be prepared for, especially when you’re a company like Volta Roofing that specializes in roof repair in the Northland. Extreme weather conditions in the Northland can include strong winds, torrential rain, and hail. There are other summer threats to consider as well; such as:

-Excessive Heat

Your roof absorbs a ton of heat in the summer. Depending on your chosen roofing materials, an unshaded roof can reach 170 degrees on a hot summer day. The best roofing company in the Northland knows that the effects of solar radiation on your home can build up in your attic. This will put extra stress on your air conditioner and lead to condensation in the attic as well.

-Thermal Shock Cycles

The best Northland roofing companies know that temperatures in Missouri can peak in the 100-degree range but drop rapidly once the sun sets. Over time, this can cause warping and gap issues. Eventually, it can weaken the integrity of the wood, and professional roofers will have to come in and replace it. If you suspect this is going on, call our team at Volta Roofing, the best Northland roofing company for repairs. We’ll provide a free estimate on the necessary repairs.

Best Roof Repair in the Northland

-UV Radiation

UV rays don’t contain heat themselves, but they are a threat in the summer because the days are so much longer. Even on a cloudy summer day, the radiation can dry out the oils in your roofing materials, causing the asphalt to buckle. If you suspect buckling on your roof, have Volta Roofing take a look. After all, it never hurts to double-check.

The good news is the sunshine and heat will not destroy your roof in a day. However, over time, they can cause gradual wear and tear that needs to be addressed. This is why it’s critical to schedule regular roofing inspections.Best Roof Repair in the Northland

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