Roof Repair In Parkville

An average roof should last about 20 or 30 years; however, some unavoidable factors can cause your roof to age quicker. Living in a storm-prone area or an area with drastic temperature changes can have a significant effect on your roof’s lifespan.

At Volta Roofing, a leader in roof repair in Parkville, we understand that one of the last things you want to worry about is your home’s roof. So, we wanted to share some tips that one of the top companies in residential roof repair in Parkville use to extend a roof’s lifespan.

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters frequently can keep leaves, dirt, and other debris from building up. This can cause your gutters to flood when it’s raining, which can result in water seeping into your roof and causing damage. Your Parkville roofing company recommends cleaning your gutters a minimum of twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall, to reduce debris build-up.

Trim Your Trees

A professional residential roofer in Parkville highly recommends keeping your trees trimmed, especially if you have branches that hang over your roof. These can hit against your roof during storms or high winds and cause damage. These branches are also more likely to fall and potentially cause damage.

Roof Repair In Parkville

Have Your Roof Regularly Inspected

You can do a small inspection of your roof yourself. Walk around your home and examine your roof for any holes, loose shingles, or exposed portions of your roof. You should also look for tree branches, debris build-up, or signs that animals live on your roof; all of these things can cause harm. After inspecting your roof from the ground, call a professional roofing company for an in-depth roof inspection.

Replace Any Damaged, Missing, or Worn Shingles Immediately

Your roof’s shingles add a layer of protection to your roof. Without them, you are opening your home up to more damage.

You should have your shingles repaired or replaced if you notice any of the following:

  • Cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Shingles that are curling at the edges
  • Your shingles are covered in dark streaks
  • You have moss or mold growing on your shingles
  • You notice any holes in your roof

As a premier roofing company in Parkville, Volta Roofing also suggests having any storm damage repaired immediately. Missing shingles are the most common after heavy storms, but high winds and rain can also cause your roof to crack and leak.

If you notice any damage after a severe storm, no matter how minor, get it fixed immediately. Letting this damage go untreated for too long can cause significant damage to both your roof and home.

Roof Repair In Parkville

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