3 Ways To Guarantee Your House Makes A Great First Impression
3 Ways To Guarantee Your House Makes A Great First Impression


Your Home Has a Big Impression to Make


Perhaps you have had the experience of searching for a new house to call your own. Maybe you’ve walked through house after house, envisioning your own family’s photos on the walls, your own furniture adorning the living room, and your own children and dog playing in the back yard.

Each time you pull your car into the driveway of a prospective home, you immediately take inventory of the front yard, color, siding, landscape–it can be a bit overwhelming. What you may not realize is that your mind is taking in even more than you first notice.

There are countless factors to each prospective home that will play into your final conclusion on how it may fare as your new home.

These judgment calls don’t only happen when you are searching for a new home to buy. A house has the exhausting job of always being on display; of always presenting itself as a component of a street and community.


Whether you are buying a new home, selling your home, or simply beautifying the house you already call home, curb appeal matters, because curb appeal is your home’s first impression.


3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal


1. Make Sure Your Windows Shine (At least from the front!)

We don’t all have time to keep our windows streak free, especially if you have small children with sticky fingers! But if you have a few minutes a week, that should be enough to wipe down the windows in the front of your home. Give it a try and take notice of just how much cleaner your whole home feels when your windows are clear of streaks and smudges.

Windows help your home appear open and welcome. Make sure that when a friend pulls into your driveway, they don’t communicate neglect, but rather by being clean, make your whole home appear well taken care of.


2. Give Detailed Attention To Your Threshold

Your front door is the threshold to your home, and it will make a very big first impression upon visitors–make sure it makes a grand presentation! Each week, take a few minutes to complete this short “Door Detail” check list:

  • Clear any cobwebs from the inside and outside of your door frame
  • Clean all glass on your door and surrounding windows
  • Shake off any welcome rugs
  • Sweep the inside and outside of your entrance

Also make sure you have a couple of flower pots, or perhaps a small decorative chair and table–some sort of adornments that communicate your own personality, and will help guests feel comfortable even before they walk into your home. You may even consider painting your front door a bright color to draw eyes to your home’s threshold and make a bold first impression!


3. Let Your Yard Frame Your Home


Don’t underestimate the power of regular lawn mowing and some low-maintenance landscaping. Even the most basic care of your lawn, if done regularly, will have a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. Here is a simple and manageable list to follow when it comes to basic upkeep of your yard:

  • Mow regularly–just like wiping down windows, this is a very basic chore that will pay dividends when it comes to the attractiveness of your home.
  • Remove clutter from your yard by making sure trash is thrown out, toys and tools are put away in their proper places, and recycling bins, trash cans, newspapers, and anything else likeable to be left lying around is put away.
  • Keep your trees and bushes trimmed. If dying or straying branches from the trees in your front yard are blocking the view to your beautiful home, it is time for them to go. Make sure trees, bushes, and hedges are doing there proper job to frame in your home and create a pleasing visual landscape. Consider planting a few ornamental trees, as well.
  • Plant low-maintenance annuals. Some decorative ferns or ‘Fingerpaint’ Coleus can add a lot of variation and depth to your lawn. If you are new to gardening, make sure you ask a local nursery which plants are most hardy to begin with. Click here for more information on good annuals to plant in the Kansas City area, and where to purchase them.

Your house has a lot to say, make sure the outside is doing its job to represent all of the warmth, character, and personality of the family who calls it home.