The Zero-Headache Process For Filing a Roof Hail Claim
The Zero-Headache Process For Filing a Roof Hail Claim


The Zero-Headache Process For Filing a

Roof Hail Claim


Hail is a common occurrence during the spring and summer months here in Kansas City.

In fact, already in April of 2015, several areas of Kansas City have been hit by hail large enough to cause considerable damage to a roof. Hail up to 2.25 inches in diameter have been reported across Platte and Jackson Counties this month.

You can use a tool such as our interactive hail map to see if hail struck your area, and what size it was.

As a homeowner or rental property owner, when hail hits, how do you respond? How do you know if your roof has incurred damage, or who to call for an inspection or repair?

You might be surprised to find out that your roof qualifies for a whole replacement covered by insurance! But you’ll never know until you have it inspected. 

The hail claim process on a roof is not always a simple one. However, by working with a quality, professional, licensed and certified roofing company, you can avoid the headache of filing an insurance claim by allowing your roofing contractor to handle the task start from finish!





1. Have a Free Hail Inspection Performed


If your home is in an area that was hit by hail, it’s always a good idea to have your roof looked over by a professional. The good news is that professional hail inspections are usually (and should be) performed at no cost to you.


Make sure you call a roofing contractor who is:

  • Local: has their home office in or near your city
  • Time-tested: Has several years (at least 5) of experience
  • Cooperative: Will work directly with your insurance so you don’t have to
  • Helpful: Will walk you through the insurance claim process, and offer you several options for repairs or roof replacement, depending on the damage and your insurance compensation


Make Sure Your Roofer Is Trained in Xactimate!


The roofing contractor you are searching for is also one who is trained in Xactimate. An Exactimate-trained roofing contractor can estimate exactly what your insurance company would compensate you for hail damage, and can thus create an estimate right in line with what your insurance owes you. This way you make sure you get everything you are entitled to!


2. Hand The Job Over, Sit Back & Relax!


Okay—so now you have had your inspection performed, and there is damage to be claimed. Now what?

Well, since this is the “Zero-Headache” hail claim process, we have good news—you can now hand the job over to your roofing contractor!

You might want to make a quick phone call to your insurance to make them aware of the hail damage on your roof, and that you will be filing a claim through a certified roof inspector; this could help expedite the claim process.

A quality roofing contractor will take it from here in communicating with your insurance. Rest peacefully now as your contractor moves forward with your insurance company in drafting out the best plan to repair or replace your roof within the insurance claim compensation you are entitled to.

Make sure your roofing contractor communicates with you clearly and often as to where the process is at, and also that they provide you several options for your project. You might decide to invest a little bit of your own money above the insurance compensation to upgrade to a higher-quality shingle or accents. A good contractor will walk you through several options so that you can be confident in your final decisions.


So there you have it—The Zero-Headache Process For Filing a Hail Claim On Your Roof!

When hail strikes, don’t put off having your roof checked. Know that the process doesn’t have to be a complicated one–not when you work with a reputable, local roofing contractor; and that you might be eligible for a full roof replacement—and that’s worth making a simple phone call for!