“What was that?!”

This is the question many of us are asking in the wake of recent storms that caused significant roof hail damage in over thirty zip codes across the Kansas City area. Here in Kansas City we have had a rough few months, and we hope that our neighbors and customers are doing alright after the March 6 hail storm and tornadoes. Our hearts go out to those affected by this extreme weather.


Trust Local Contractors Who Are Here For The Long Haul

In times like these, you need people you can trust to help you by removing stress from your life, not adding to it! Volta Roofing has over twenty-two years of experience across Kansas City. The owners and every team member live in Kansas City.  What this means for our customers is that since we were here long before the storms, and we were here with you in the storms, we will be here after the storms and storm chasers are long gone.


 “Did My Home Suffer Roof Hail Damage?”

If you believe, or know that hail has hit your home or property, jump over to our up-to-date interactive hail map, or call to set up an appointment with one of our experienced team members to have your home checked. Often roof hail damage needs to be temporarily patched until the hail damaged shingles, siding, or windows can be replaced. If a temporary patch is properly placed to protect your home, it also gives you time to breathe, instead of having to immediately jump headlong into an exterior renovation project.

Out-of-town contractors will often try to pressure you to sign a contract and immediately begin a large project, as they are trying to punch out as many projects as they can before the storms call them off to another city. Do yourself a favor, and take time to research a reputable local roofer who not only went through this storm with you, but will be around for years to come!


Choose A Contractor Who Can Handle Your Whole Project

Some of our neighbors also experienced high winds and tornados. Unlike many companies from out of town, we specialize in the entire exterior of your home. We pride ourselves in being able to walk with our customers in all aspects of their project, starting with walking through the insurance inspections, all the way through replacing not only roofing, but also hail and wind damaged siding and windows.

High winds also produce damage that requires urgent attention, as often entire sections of roofing and siding are torn from your home, leaving it exposed to the elements. As with temporary repairs for hail, we can install roof and siding underlayment to protect your home and give peace of mind while we get the full replacement on the schedule.

Look for our trucks in your area, we may even be your neighbors. Flag us down, we would be happy to chat, answer any questions, and help in any way we can! Call us today at (816) 601-0117 or click below to schedule a free inspection.