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4 Ways Roofing Insulation Will Help Your Budget This Winter


It is no secret that the weather in Kansas City can be a bit…unpredictable. And it’s not only the spring and summer hail storms that home and property owners need to be on alert for, but also winter’s harsh temperatures. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to bump up your heating budget along with the thermostats.

Most of the time, when we talk about saving on heating costs, we bring up things such as new windows. New windows are certainly your best way to reduce heating costs. However, checking in on your roofing insulation can go a long way in keeping those heating costs at bay this year. Here are 4 ways that roofing insulation can help your home and budget this winter.


1.  Make The Most Of The Heat In Your Home

One of the best ways to keep heating costs low is by best utilizing the heat that is already in your home. With a lack of roofing insulation, the heat within your house is escaping out through the attic, leaving your heater to compensate, create more heat, and drive up your utility bills. Save yourself some cost and headache by making sure that your attic is sufficiently insulated, keeping the heat in your home—within your home!


2.  Uniform Heat Means A More Comfortable Home

Proper roofing insulation helps to provide a uniform temperature throughout your home. Create a more comfortable atmosphere within your home for your family and guests by making sure that your roof is properly insulated.


3.  Tone Down The Noise

Insulation not only helps with keeping heating costs low, but also noise levels. Adequate roofing insulation can act as a sound absorber, keeping loud noises and echoes to a minimum.


4.  Protection Against Condensation and Moisture Issues

Because heat rises, it can accumulate and “hang out” in your attic. In an attic area that has insufficient insulation, this can pose a very large problem. The loitering heat can cause condensation to build up, leading to possible moisture damage within your attic and roof. A properly insulted and ventilated attic will protect your home against these issues.


A Quick Fix For Energy Savings

Here is the good news:  Your attic is the easiest place in your home to add insulation. As a basic rule, 12 inches of roofing insulation should be sufficient. Yes—this means that if you are currently using your attic for storage place, you may need to do some reorganizing. The easiest way to insulate a home is to add material to the attic floor, which means that the attic floor must be cleared, first. But a bit of reorganizing can pay off big time by keeping your energy costs low!

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