Commercial Roofing In Gladstone

Discovering damage to your commercial roof can be frustrating, especially if an expert in commercial roofing Gladstone suggests getting a complete replacement instead of a repair. How can you tell that your roof needs to be replaced and not just repaired?

At Volta Roofing, a leading commercial roofing company in Gladstone, our expert roofers are knowledgeable about what’s best for your commercial roof. If there is significant damage, you should have the entire roof replaced. However, if the damage is minimal, a repair will work just fine. Below are some aspects that factor into the decision to repair or replace your commercial roof.


Your Roof’s Age

According to a trusted Gladstone roofing company, if your roof is at the end of its lifespan or close, it’s probably better to have the entire thing replaced. Most commercial roofs have a lifespan of about twenty years; most roofers will suggest replacing the entire roof if it is 18 years or older.


The Amount of Damage

The amount of damage to your commercial roof will play a significant part in whether you just need a repair or a total replacement. If the damage is just a tiny hole that needs to be patched, a commercial and metal roofing company in Gladstone won’t perform a complete replacement. However, if your roof sustained significant damage after a storm, a roofing contractor will probably suggest a total replacement.

Commercial Roofing In Gladstone

The Climate

Gladstone can see a lot of rain in the warmer seasons and snow in the colder ones. The weather will play a significant part in deciding whether or not you should replace your commercial roof. If the damage to your roof is caused by water damage from rain or melting snow, a roofing company in Gladstone will probably suggest a total roof repair. This is especially true if your roof constantly has water damage.


The Cost of a Repair Versus a Replacement

While a repair might seem cheaper initially, it could cost you more money in the long run. If you repair significant damage instead of replacing it, odds are you’ll have to pay for repairs again down the line. If you have extensive damage to your roof, paying for a replacement upfront might be cheaper.

The decision between repairing and replacing your commercial roof can be tricky, so you should consult with an expert before deciding. While you may be tempted to just pay for a repair, it could end up costing you more money than a replacement. Hire a trusted Gladstone roofing contractor to assess the damage to your roof, and see what they suggest.

Commercial Roofing In Gladstone

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