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Your roof is one of the most essential pieces of your home, and like everything else, it can also be damaged. Roofing companies in Parkville know that damage commonly occurs during severe weather or an especially rainy season. Your roof can also wear down with age. Whether you are worried about your residential roof, or commercial roofing, it is believed that roofs with asphalt shingles need to be replaced every 15-30 years, while roofs with wooden shingles need to be replaced every 20-25 years. Rubber roofs need to be replaced every 30-50 years, and metal roofs should be replaced every 50-75 years. 

As a leading residential roofer in ParkvilleVolta Roofing knows there are several ways to know if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, and we have listed some of the top signs of roof damage below. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call a company that specializes in roof repair in Parkville to address these issues as soon as possible. 

Listed below are six indicators that your roof may need to be repaired or replaced: 

Beams of Light Are Coming Through Your Attic 

If you notice beams of light in your attic, it could be a sign of a hole or missing shingles. You should call a residential roofer in Parkville immediately to ensure your home is protected.  

Mold Has Grown on Top of Your Roof 

Mold is never a good sign when it comes to anything. If you notice mold growing on top of your roof, it means the roof is retaining moisture somewhere. It’s essential to get this issue addressed to protect your and your family from harmful things like mold. 

Shingles Are Missing 

This is commonly seen after a particularly strong storm. Shingle should lie flat on your roof, and most of the time, it is pretty noticeable when one is missing. Shingles are added protection to your roof, so the longer you keep your roof exposed, the more susceptible it is to damage. Whenever you notice missing or damaged shingles due to storm damage, it is always best to contact your Parkville roofing company for an inspection. 

Roofing Company in Parkville

Your Roof is Sagging 

Another obvious sign that your roof needs replacement or repairs, a sagging roof can be caused by multiple factors. It might be too old or it may still be retaining moisture from a recent storm. Sagging roofs can potentially be caused by structural damage as well. 

There Are Noticeable Cracks 

If you notice any cracks in your roof, call your roof repair company in Parkville. Cracks in your roof can lead to more serious damage over time.  They can easily lead to water damage and cause long-term structural issues if not fixed immediately. Cracks are most common shortly after severe weather passes through. 

You Notice Your Roof Leaking 

A leaky roof can lead to internal water damage in your home and other potential issues such as mold and bacteria growth. If you notice your roof is leaking, call a trusted company for roof repair in Parkville to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

Roofing Company in Parkville

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