Many homeowners and building owners in the Kansas City area have trusted the best metal roofing company in Parkville, Volta Roofing, with the task of installing their roof. Just like any trade or profession, roofing can be a complicated process for anyone without experience, so that’s why it should be left to the professionals.

Even if you enjoy DIY projects, roofing is something that you should probably stay away from because there are simply more risks involved with the work. Not to mention, roofing it is very detailed work that requires years of experience to master. Here is a quick outline of a metal roofing project that a typical roofing company in Parkville will use to complete a job.

Measure the Square Footage

To get the right amount of materials ordered for the project, your Parkville roofing company will come and measure the entire area of your roof. You can expect your roofing contractor to order about 10% more materials than what you might think is required. This is to account for waste and pieces that need to be cut and customized to fit more complex areas.

Ordering Materials

When you meet with your metal roofing company in Parkville, make sure to discuss the different color options that you might be considering. Once you agree on colors, your roofing specialist will get your order placed and get the new materials delivered to the job site to be installed.

best metal roofing company in Parkville

Removing the Old Roof

Metal roofs are not installed on top of an existing roof, so the roofers will have to remove the current materials before the metal panels can be installed. On a day where there is no risk of rain, your residential roofer in Parkville will remove and dispose of all the previous roofing materials so that the metal roof can be installed shortly after.

Installing Insulation

Before the metal panels can be secured, a base layer of insulation will need to be put in place. One layer of insulation will help prevent leaks; however, some homeowners opt for two layers of insulation as an added layer of protection. Talk to your residential roofer in Parkville to determine how many insulation layers would be best for your roof.

Eave Flashings

The metal or steel strips that outline the roof’s perimeter are known as eave flashings. These, along with insulation, are critical towards preventing leaks.

Putting Down the Metal Panels

After all the prep work is complete, it is finally time to put down the metal roof panels. Our team of roofing professionals will make the proper cuts and customizations to ensure that your metal roof looks like it was installed by the best roofing company in Parkville.

best metal roofing company in Parkville

Installing the Flashings

The pieces of metal trim placed over the joints of the roof are known as the flashings. This is one of the final touches that is added to a roof to ensure that any vulnerable spot is covered and protected.

Finishing Up

After the flashings are installed, that should complete a metal roofing job. All that is left is for the roofing crew to pick up their tools, equipment, and scrap pieces before moving on to their next job.

best metal roofing company in Parkville

If you are considering a metal roof for your next project, contact the best metal roofing company in Parkville for both residential and commercial roofing, and that’s Volta Roofing. To get started, give our team a call at (816) 601-0117 or contact us online today.