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Many people aren’t aware of the everyday factors that are causing damage to their commercial roofs. Your roof is essential to protecting your business, but it takes a beating every day. At Volta Roofing, a leading commercial roofing company in Parkville, we want to protect your business. So, we’ve compiled a list of factors that can cause your roof to deteriorate quicker.


Did you know that the wind can actually cause damage to your roof? There’s no shortage of wind in Parkville, and it can cause disastrous damage to your commercial roof. Strong winds can pull shingles off of your roof, leaving your underlayment exposed.

This leaves your roof susceptible to more damage, and your roof is more likely to start leaking. If you notice wind damage to your business’s roof, contact an expert in roof repair in Parkville immediately.

Snow, Rain, and Ice

Parkville winters can be filled with ice and snow, and the warmer seasons bring rain. Moisture is unavoidable and can cause wear and tear to your roof. As a trusted roofing company in Parkville, we have seen countless damaged commercial roofs due to moisture.

Constant rain can cause mold and mildew growth, leaving your business unsafe. The moisture can also cause your roof to crack and leak, which can cause structural damage.

If you notice any leaks or bacteria growth, immediately call a professional roofing company. The sooner you take action, the less likely you are to have permanent, irreversible damage.

Commercial Roofing Company In Parkville


The UV rays and heat from the sun can cause your commercial roof’s shingles to crack and break, especially after prolonged exposure. Unfortunately, there is not a good solution for this issue.

You can plant trees around your business, but a Parkville commercial roofing company cautions against this because you are opening your home up to more damage. If your commercial roof has sun damage, it’s best to call a roofing company for an inspection.


Overgrown trees or trees that you let grow over your business’s roof can cause significant damage. You not only take the risk of having a tree limb fall onto your roof, but you leave your business vulnerable to second-hand damage.

In the fall, leaves can build up on top of your commercial roof, trapping moisture and causing mold and other bacteria to grow. Debris build-up can also cause your roof to leak.

Many trees are also home to animals, which can cause damage. Critters like squirrels and raccoons can also wear down your roof over time. A leading Parkville roofing company might recommend keeping your trees trimmed away from your business so they are less likely to cause damage.

Commercial Roofing Company In Parkville

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