Best Roof Repair In Parkville

A leaky roof can cause a lot of problems to your Parkville home. If you notice your roof leaking, call Volta Roofing, a company specializing in roof repair in Parkville. We know how important it is to keep your home protected. So, we’ve compiled a list of five common factors of leaking roofs.

Cracked Flashings

The flashings are thin pieces of metal installed under your shingles and on the joints of your roof that create a water-resistant barrier. You can tell your flashing is broken if you notice large cracks in your roof.

Cracked flashings can be caused by constant exposure to rain and wind, but are a relatively easy fix for a company that specializes in residential roof repair in Parkville. Once your Parkville roofing company locates the broken flashing, they remove the broken part, clean the area, and install the new flashing piece.

Best Roof Repair In Parkville

Broken Shingles

Broken shingles are one of the most common causes of leaking roofs in Parkville and they are fairly easy to spot. Look for holes where shingles used to be or shingles that are pulling away from your roof. High winds can cause broken shingles, but other weather, such as constant rain, can weaken your shingles over time.

To fix a broken shingle, a roofing company in Parkville will remove the old shingles, including the nails, and clean the area. After the area has been cleaned of debris, a Parkville roofing company will then install new shingles onto your roof.

Best Roof Repair In Parkville

Ice Buildup

An ice buildup can occur during the winter. Although it doesn’t happen too often in Parkville, it is possible if the area faces an ice storm. Ice buildup is a layer of ice that forms on the edge of your roof and prevents water from draining off.

It is caused by your home’s heat causing snow to melt, despite the temperature being below freezing. This melted water will run between the snow and the roof’s edge and refreeze onto the roof’s edge.

To fix the problem, a residential roofer in Parkville suggests investing in a roof rake. A roof rake looks like a long-handled, sideways shovel. You can use it to remove snow and ice from the edge of your roof, making it easier for water to drain.

Best Roof Repair In Parkville

Clogged Gutters

You know your gutters are clogged if you can see leaves and other debris sticking out from them. Another indicator of clogged gutters is if your downspout isn’t draining water during a storm. Gutters can get clogged from debris blowing around in the wind.

Clogged gutters on your Parkville home are easy to fix, but the job can be time-consuming. The best way to clean your gutters is to get up on a ladder and pick the debris out. It might take a while, but you’ll notice the results next time it rains.

Best Roof Repair In Parkville

Cracked Chimney

If your Parkville home has a cracked chimney, your home is more likely to leak. You can tell your chimney is cracked by checking the mud cap for signs of wear. You should also look for holes in the mortared joints where the chimney connects to the roof. Your chimney can crack because its mortar can erode if exposed to the elements.

To fix a cracked chimney, a roofing company in Parkville will find the source of the leak and patch it. But, in more extreme cases, your chimney might need to be replaced.

Best Roof Repair In Parkville

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