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Almost half of a building’s problems are caused by water intrusion that leaks in through the roof. Many roofs typically last about half of their designated lifespan if routine maintenance isn’t performed.

At Volta Roofing, we know that seeing a leak in your business’s roof can be alarming. As a leading roofing company in Parkville we suggest taking these steps when your roof is leaking.

  • Find the source of the leak
  • Clear the area under the leak
  • Ensure there is no other damage
  • Call your insurance agent
  • Call a trusted Parkville roofing company

Find the Source of the Leak

The first thing a commercial roofing company in Parkville suggests you do is find the source of the leak in your business’s roof. This is a critical step, because the quicker you find the source, the more likely you are to prevent mold and mildew damage.

There are common causes of commercial roof leaks; these include:

  • A bug/pest infestation
  • Plumbing, heating, or cooling unit issues
  • Cracks in your roof
  • Clogged gutters
  • Broken roof flashes

If your roof is leaking, you should check your building’s drywall for damage. Keep in mind that visible water damage can spread, so the leak might not be directly over the water damage. Another sign of water damage is a foul odor in the building, which could be mold growth.

Clear the Area Under the Leak

Once you find the leak, you’ll want to clear everything out of the affected area. To minimize water damage, move furniture, papers, and any other valuables out of the way. If you can’t move everything out of the area, cover it with plastic, this protects your items from water damage.

After moving everything out of the way, place buckets under the leak to catch the water until you can patch the leak on the roof, if anyone works in the affected area, keep them away until the moisture is dried up.

Best Parkville Roofing Company

Ensure There Is No Other Damage

You want to double-check that there is no additional damage to your office building; double-check for water spots and mold growth in your walls.

Call Your Insurance Agent

A specialist in roof repair in Parkville will probably suggest that you call your insurance agent after you get the leak under control. Most insurance policies should cover roof damage.

Call a Parkville Commercial Roofing Company to Fix Your Roof

The last step is to hire a commercial roofer to fix the damage to your business’s roof. Immediately fixing the roof can minimize the damage to your office building, which can save you more money in the long run.

Best Parkville Roofing Company

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