Winter is Coming! This May be the Most Important Thing You Can do to Protect Your Home!

Entering into the colder months of Kansas City makes for a beautiful transition. Walks along the river, or taking in the hues that autumn brings from on top of the National World War I Museum can make for stunning fall sights. With the Chiefs bringing it home at the stadium and pumpkin patches dotting the countryside with bright orange fields ripe for picking—fall is a great time to be in Kansas City. And if you own a home in Kansas City, then fall is also an optimal time to put some preparation into your home for the coming cold months.

Kansas City sees an average of 15 inches of snow each winter. However, with a cold and damp climate, the snow bears a heavy load on our homes. And as it tends to stick around for quite some time, leaks in roofs, siding, or windows often lead to extra headache for homeowners, not to mention hits on their wallets for repairs.

When the roof or siding on a home is damaged, it is left vulnerable to moisture from outside. This moisture, left unchecked, can cause significant damage not only to the areas on our homes that we can see, but also to the underlying, less suspecting places. Mold in attics, for instance, can be caused by a leaky roof. Water damage to the interior of walls can be the product of defective siding, or rotting window sills.

Fortunately, with some knowledge and foresight, we can do a whole lot to protect our homes and budgets from winter weather damage.

Have you had your home inspected for hail this year?

In 2017, Kansas City neighborhoods were hit with extensive hail damage over several storms throughout the spring and summer months. We have been working in neighborhoods like yours to repair and replace roofs from the damage done this year, before snow has a chance of creeping into your home this winter.

We have seen significant hail damage on homes from as north as Smithville and Lathrop, to as south as Harrisonville, and many areas in between. Hail up to two inches in diameter has left homes like yours vulnerable to rain and snow damage, which can often lead to dangerous situations such as mold, without a home owner ever being aware of the damage.

What can you do to protect your home?

First, check out our free interactive hail map to see the hail damaged areas across Kansas City.

Second, if your home is in or near one of the damaged areas, click below to schedule your free inspection today.

If your home has hail damage, be it on your roof or siding—or both—our experienced roofing team can work with your insurance to make sure you receive any compensation you could be entitled to. And of course, we’ll make sure that your home is covered with a high-quality roof, installed with great attention to detail, so that it can weather many winters to come!

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